Board of Directors

Jim Armatas, President - 303-394-2682 - Representing Ivy Lane

Mike Byrne, Treasurer - 303-321-6494 - Representing Sixth Avenue Parkway

Leslie Stratton, Secretary - 303-474-4358 - Representing Ivanhoe Street

Don Beauregard, Vice-President - 303-394-3773 - Representing Ivy Street

Bill Callender, Vice-President - 303-388-2265 - Representing Jasmine Street

Shannon Link, Vice-President - 303-455-8864 - Representing Crestmoor Drive

Dan Oravez, Vice-President - 303-399-8418 - Representing Jersey Street



Architectural Control

All plans for construction and remodelling shall be submitted to the President of the Association for approval by the Board, which will refer them to the Architectural Control Committee for review in accordance with the specfications set out in our Covenants.

ACC Guidelines (PDF)